Goal Eight: Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

The San Diego region enjoys a high quality of life, although challenges still remain. SANDAG's 2021 Regional Plan seeks to improve the way we all move throughout the region while seeking to ensure that we can all lead healthy lives. 
Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth

Target 8.1

Sustain local per capita economic growth in accordance with regional and national circumstances and, in particular, equitable gross domestic product growth per annum across all communities.
Indicator 8.1.1:
Annual growth rate of real Income per capita.

Target 8.2

Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification and technological upgrading and innovation, including through a focus on high-value added and labor-intensive sectors.
Indicator 8.2.1:
Annual growth rate of real GDP per employed person.

Target 8.5

By 2030, achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value.
Indicator 8.5.1:
Average hourly earnings of employees, by occupation, age, and persons with disabilities.
Indicator 8.5.2:
Unemployment rate, by sex, age, and persons with disabilities.


Target 8.6

By 2030, substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education, or training.
Indicator 8.6.1:
Proportion of youth (aged 15-24 years) not in education, employment or training.


Target 8.8

Protect labor rights and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers, including migrant workers, in particular women migrants, and those in precarious employment.
Indicator 8.8.1:
Fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries per 100,000 workers, by sex and migrant status.


Target 8.10

Encourage the expansion and greater access for all to banking, insurance, and traditional and emerging financial services.
Indicator 8.10.2:
Proportion of adults (15 years and older) with an account at a bank or other financial institution or with a mobile-money-service provider.