SDG Indicator 9.1.3

Indicator 9.1.3: Border wait times by types of crossing.
Data for Indicator 9.1.3 comes from the the U.S. Customs and Border Protections (CBP) Border Wait Time database. Wait time is defined as reaching the primary inspection booth from the first point of contact with CBP when crossing the Mexico/U.S. land borders (northbound). Each border location updates its estimated wait times hourly.
Data are aggregated to the monthly average level from October 2011 until the present time for each terrestrial port of entry in San Diego and Imperial County by crossing type. While three ports of entry (Calexico West and East; Andrade) are not located in San Diego County, we included them since they are often used by residents of San Diego County. In April 2019, there is a large increase in border wait times due to the CBP changes in their wait time estimation process.
Crossing Types include Passenger (crossing with a vehicle), Pedestrian, and Commercial. Lane Types include Standard, Ready, FAST, and SENTRI.
The three measure cards below report the longest average wait time from any month in a given year. We only included Passenger crossing type and Standard lane type when reporting data for these measure cards.

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