SDG Indicator 15.5.1

Indicator 15.5.1 - Species biodiversity
Data for Indicator 15.5.1 illustrates biodiversity in San Diego County using the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's (CDFW) Areas of Conservation Emphasis (ACE) Species Biodiversity dataset and ranking system.
ACE evaluates biodiversity based on a given area’s species occurrence and distribution for amphibians, aquatic macroinvertebrates, birds, fish, mammals, plants, and reptiles. Geographic areas are split into hexagons and assigned a rank of one (least diverse) to five (most diverse). These ranks are used to compare biodiversity values across the region and identify patterns in overall species diversity.
The pie chart below illustrates the range and proportion of biodiverse geographic areas within San Diego County by ACE ranking.
The map below illustrates biodiversity in the region using the rankings and hexagonal geographic divisions assigned by ACE. The ACEDataset Fact Sheet explains the data fields and models in more detail.
Data for Indicator 15.5.1 comes from the CDFW public data platform. The attribute table for this dataset includes the final rankings for all ACE datasets, providing an overview of all ACE scores for an area.