SDG Indicator 4.1.2

Indicator 4.1.2: High school completion rate.
Data for Indicator 4.1.2 comes from the California Department of Education. The data provides four-year Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate (ACGR) and outcome data at the county and school district level.
In this indicator, High School Completion Rate is derived in two different ways:
  1. From the population who have gained a regular High School diploma, or
  2. From the population who have gained a regular High School diploma or equivalent. Certifications which are equivalent to a High School diploma include the CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Exam) Certificate, Adult Education Diploma, SPED (SPecial EDucation), or GED (General Education Development).
The three measures below show the percent of people in the given academic year who received a regular High School Diploma within San Diego County.

High School Completion Rates by School Districts

Completion rate is a percentage of the number of high school diplomas given over the total number of students in the cohort. The map shows the rates for academic year 2020-2021.

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