San Diego Community Characteristics

Community Characteristics

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) recently completed an analysis that is a conscious effort to better understand the needs and choices of the people who live and work in the San Diego region. This analysis complements traditional demographic analyses developed with public data. This initial analysis resulted in ten groups that highlighted different preferences and needs of individuals across the region. These are broad generalizations, and the intent is not for any individual to necessarily identify with only one group or to simplify the diversity of our cultures and experiences.

Mobility Hubs

The following SANDAG Snapshots look at who lives around the 31 Mobility Hubs included in the 2021 Regional Plan.  Mobility Hubs are whole communities that feature a convenient mix of travel choices, safer streets, and supporting amenities. Once fully connected, the network of regional Mobility Hubs ensures seamless connection to major work, school, shopping, and leisure destinations using transit and Flexible Fleets. The Snapshots show how these data can help tailor amenities and features of Mobility Hubs to meet the needs of users in specific communities.


The following SANDAG Snapshots look at who lives in each of San Diego County’s jurisdictions and the unincorporated areas, including the relative proportion of the ten groups. The goal is to provide additional information to the local jurisdictions and the County about their residents from data and analyses not available elsewhere.